Proton V1

For Consistent Results

Soil Structure Carrying the Same Features of Proton V Series and 3D Image Presentation Up to 2 Mt to 10 Mt Depth Under Good Ground Conditions Live Live Scan and Horizontal Panoramic Horizontal Section Ultrasound Feature On The Other Side.

V-1 Has A Serious Depth Perception Of 2 Mt To 10 Mt In Soil Structure And Good Ground Conditions With Its Special Sensors Developed Fully.

With Live Instant Viewing Feature Offers Free Search In All Directions On The Other Side, With Horizontal Live Ultrasound Feature, The Position Of Objects And Cavities Can Be Made Clear And Perfectly. You Can See Objects Such as Passageways and Buried Gold Silver Bronze Differently

Superior Mobility

It is the Most Suitable Light and Portable Device for Land Conditions. LiOn can work for a long time like 16 hours with its special battery.

It is presented as a complete set with (Ground Scan + Live Sound) – (Ultrasound Sensor) in the Delivery of the Device.

Usage areas

1-Archaeological Locating Before Excavation (Room-Tunnel)

2- Ground Investigation and Criminal Research Purpose for Police, Military Forces and Security Forces

3-Fiber Cable Pipe Metal or Plastic Pipe Detection

4-Detection of Meteorites and Similar Space Stones

Proton V-1 Hardware Changes May Cause Price Difference